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Men’s Health Study – Premature ejaculation study




Concerned about making the ‘loving’ last longer in your relationship? Join a study of a new pill-free, topical solution for Australian men who experience premature ejaculation, and their partners who care about them. 


Qualified participants receive:

  • Study-related medication or placebo

Do you fit the criteria? 


Participants must be:

  • Be aged 18 to 45

  • In a sexually active relationship

  • Experience some form of Premature Ejaculation

  • Your partner/s must not be pregnant

  • You or your partner/s must not be allergic to local anaesthetics

Expression of Interest

Please fill out the following health declaration form in order to participate in the study.
Do you experience Premature Ejaculation?

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly.

What are the next steps?

Dr David Reiner will contact you to organise a video conference to answer any questions and verify your age. Pending your ongoing interest and that you meet the eligibility criteria documentation will be emailed to you which will explain more information about the study.

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